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Take that tax tangle

Tax avoidance is not illegal. Some commentators may regard it as immoral, but using an artificial scheme that is fully disclosed to HMRC, to reduce one’s tax bill, is not against the law. If the tax scheme fails to achieve the promised tax savings, the scheme users will have to pay the tax avoided plus […]

Over-55s benefit from boosted income and savings

Britain’s over-55s are cashing in on the improving economy with rising incomes leading to more than £150 extra in their pockets a month compared to the same time last year, Aviva’s latest Real Retirement Report shows. Findings show savings pots have increased too, but the level of monthly expenditure has risen with the cost of […]

5 Tips to help your money go further abroad

As the weather turns and we move toward the Summer months, it’s natural for all of us to look forward to forthcoming holidays and some time away somewhere nice! Foreign finance is a notoriously troublesome area, with poor exchange rates on overseas credit card transactions being just one of several fairly recent high profile examples […]

Are you in an Inheritance Tax Hotspot?

Estates liable for Inheritance Tax in the UK in 2010-2011 faced a bill of nearly £166,000 on average, according to new analysis of HMRC data by Prudential. The study, based on the latest publicly available regional data on tax receipts, shows that in the 2010-2011 tax year, inheritance tax was paid on around 15,600 estates […]

June Market Commentary

Some months we sit down to write this report and think to ourselves, ‘Not much happened really…’ And then you get a month like the one that’s just finished where pretty much everything happened! Elections were held across Europe – and the big story was the rise and rise of the extremist parties, with UKIP […]