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George Osborne and his great big ‘Family Pension’

Not since I started in finance 15 years ago has there been so much good news for pensions and what it means to you!  It has only been just over six months since the announcement that the need to buy an annuity was being removed and that you would be able to take as much […]

The Invisible Gorilla

Sometimes we focus so hard on something we think is important, we become oblivious to significant events right under our noses. This is the idea behind The Invisible Gorilla, a book based on a series of experiments by Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons. The centrepiece of their work is a short film in which two teams […]

GEM & Co shortlisted for Merton Best Business Awards

We are delighted to be shortlisted as finalists in ‘The Extra Mile’ category at this year’s Merton Best Business Awards. The Extra Mile category recognizes successful businesses in Merton who are also able to demonstrate how they ‘go the extra mile’ by giving something back to the community. We explained how helping the local community […]

With you all the way

GEM & Co Financial Services LLP is proud to carry the double-circle Accredited Financial Planning Firm mark after being recently accredited by the Institute of Financial Planning (IFP), the professional body for Financial Planning in the UK. What does that mean for you? In short, it means that having successfully undergone the IFP’s rigorous accreditation […]

Britons prioritise bricks and mortar over white wedding

Britons are turning their backs on the big white wedding in favour of getting onto the property ladder, according to research by HSBC. Over a quarter (28%) of those aged between 18 and 34 would spend a £20,000 gift from their parents on a deposit for a house. Three out of five young Brits (60%) […]

The Rise of the Pensioner Millionaires

More than one million pensioner households in the UK now have total wealth of more than £1m according to analysis by Prudential of the latest ONS data for 2010-2012. The analysis shows that the number of millionaire pensioner households has soared by 69% compared with 2006-2008 when the number stood at just over 636,000. This […]

Can we talk about our money, please?

It’s good to talk. But talking about money can be difficult, particularly as doing so has traditionally been taboo in this country. Despite many of us getting better at talking about other personal issues like relationships or our health, we still find money a tricky topic. In fact, research shows that only one in five […]

September Market Commentary

The phrase ‘the world looked a dangerous place’ has been used many times to describe the status of the markets. Never has that seemed more true than in August. In Northern Iran/Iraq the Islamic State continues to gather momentum and the world expressed outrage at the murder of US journalist, James Foley. Towards the end […]