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2015 Budget Preview

It’s only two months ago – on December 3rd – that Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne delivered his Autumn Statement. But we’re now just a few weeks away from his last Budget before the General Election, which will be held on May 7th. When Osborne delivered his Autumn Statement he was relatively optimistic. Britain […]

February Market Commentary

  The great thing about writing this bulletin is that you make a note of something which looks hugely significant around the middle of the month and then something else comes along which makes it pale into insignificance. In this case the ‘hugely significant’ event was the fall in UK inflation – what came along […]

Age UK: Pensioners could run out of cash without proper planning

The new pension rules, coming into effect this April, will enable those over 55 to take as much money as they like out of their Defined Contribution (DC) schemes, at lower tax rates. In addressing the new system, Age UK has expressed concerns that some pensioners could use up their savings within ten years. The […]

What doctors can teach investors

Newspaper reporters who interview centenarians on their landmark birthday cannot seem to avoid the temptation to ask how they have lived so long. Because most people haven’t the faintest idea how they have reached 100, they tend to attribute their good health to something like a weekly tea dance. Medical professionals will say that the […]