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New Digital Tax Accounts are coming…

Information in the Autumn Statement indicates that by 2020 individual taxpayers may be expected to report and pay their liabilities every quarter via their new digital tax accounts. The Chancellor promised an injection of £1.3bn to deliver, “the most digitally advanced tax administration in the world” by 2020. The new Digital Tax Accounts (DTAs) will […]

The Autumn Statement: tweaks but no ‘rabbit-out-of-hat’ moment

Commentary on the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement in the accounting community has been focused on just a few key headlines, reflecting the wider acceptance that this was an Autumn Statement of ‘tweaks’ rather than ‘rabbits-out-of-hats’. Whilst the government’s fourth fiscal event in the past 12 months generated headlines for what didn’t happen in the form of […]

December Market Commentary

Introduction November brought us the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement and Spending Review in the UK – and rather more tragic events abroad. Friday November 13th saw the massacre in Paris, which was followed by an escalation in the bombing of ISIS in Syria. World stock markets inevitably fell in the wake of the Paris attacks, but […]

The Autumn Statement 2015

After two Budgets so far in 2015, it might have been thought that the Chancellor had little new to say this time around. However, that was never going to be the case. For a start, the Autumn Statement was a late addition to the main announcement scheduled for 25 November; the outcome of the latest […]

It’s wise to plan to live to 100

With life expectancy continuing to rise, it is prudent to have a plan to fund your lifestyle until your 100th birthday. The increase in life expectancy is being driven by people’s improving health and better medical care. The current life expectancy for men is 79.5 and for women it is 83.3. However, by 2030 many […]