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A disappointing start to 2016, but no need to panic

It is never a nice feeling when markets go through periods when they fall; and it certainly does not help to settle the nerves when we see sensationalist headlines like ‘RBS cries “sell everything” as deflationary crisis nears.’ (Daily Telegraph) or ‘Worst start to market year in two decades’ (FT.com). To feel unsettled is natural; […]

January Market Commentary

Occasionally when we’re compiling these monthly commentaries we look at our notes, realise that not very much has happened in the month and have a minor panic. What are we going to report on? There are no such worries this month. December 2015 seemed to be the month when pretty much everything happened. The only […]

What does the New Year hold for you?

With reports suggesting most of the UK economic indicators are moving in the right direction, it doesn’t mean we can suddenly afford to ignore our personal financial planning. So in the best traditions of New Year here are ten financial planning resolutions that will hopefully help make 2016 a prosperous and secure year for you. […]

Trust to Luck

There are many different kinds of trusts. There are bare trusts, mixed trusts, interest-in-possession trusts, and accumulation and maintenance trusts. And while they each differ slightly in the way they work, they all basically do the same job – they allow the owner of an asset (the settlor), to distribute or donate it (or confer […]