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How your local Waitrose could offer more than just middle-class groceries to your home…

Let’s face it, if you drive past a Waitrose it’s quite likely that you’re passing through a fairly well-to-do middle class area. Whilst other food retailers don’t have quite the same status-affirming presence, a Waitrose gives off an unmistakeable air of ‘middle-class-ness’. However, recent research has suggested that the presence of the supermarket does not […]

May Market Commentary

April was the month for stats fanatics… We monitor a dozen world stock markets for this commentary: remarkably, seven of them rose by 1% during April. Brazil and Russia managed rather more noteworthy increases: the Chinese market shuffled off in the opposite direction. But April was a month when events away from the world’s stock […]

Four European destinations to make your pension go further

If you’re looking for ways to ensure you can enjoy as much of your hard-earned pension as possible when you retire, then moving elsewhere in Europe could be your best bet. The benefits aren’t limited to a different culture to explore and better weather than the UK; all the retirement destinations we discuss below offer […]

When was the last time your friends and family reviewed their pension?

A survey carried out by YouGov only a few years ago found that over half the respondents who contributed to either a personal or workplace pension scheme had not reviewed their pension in the preceding three years. More worryingly, many of these people admitted that they had never carried out a pension review. If this […]