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So it is ‘leave’

The UK has woken up this morning to a vote to leave the EU, the Prime Minister is set to leave office in October and the markets are suffering a bout of jitters. We all knew that these were possibilities. To some this is a good day, to others it is not. But we are […]

The impact of a leave vote on your portfolio

As the referendum to remain in, or leave, the European Union draws near, we thought it would be a useful time to touch base and provide some reassurance that the investment portfolio that we look after for you is well positioned to weather any investment storms ahead. In this brief note, we raise a number […]

The unexpected financial influence of “The Bank of Mum and Dad”

Recently released data suggests that “The Bank of Mum and Dad” will lend out £5 billion this year to children looking to get on the UK property ladder. Parents will therefore be assisting in financing one in four of all UK mortgage transactions in 2016. The average loan amount will be £17,500, around 7% of […]

What does property look like as an investment after 2016’s changes?

The buy-to-let market has already seen some significant changes in 2016, perhaps most significantly the increase in stamp duty on any property you own other than your primary home. What this means for those looking to invest their money in property is that the market may not offer the same kind of sound investment that […]

Sun, sea, sand… and savings: Money tips for the summer months

Whilst the summer brings bright evenings and warm weather, it can also be a very expensive time of year. Handy tips to help you save money whilst the sun is shining (hopefully) are always welcome, as even the smallest savings can build up to give you a little extra cash at the end of each […]

June Market Commentary

May was the month when you could be forgiven for thinking that there was only one event in the world that mattered: the continuing debate on the UK’s membership of the EU. But while the claims and counter-claims of Messrs Cameron, Osborne, Johnson and Gove filled the airwaves and dominated the headlines, for the rest […]