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Inheritance tax: the recent changes you need to know about as you plan

The changes to inheritance tax that were introduced in the 2015 Budget will soon come into effect, with some becoming the law as early as April 2017. With less than a year to prepare for these changes, it’s important to ensure you know what to expect and that you’re doing everything you need to in […]

August Market Commentary

Introduction We try to produce a balanced, rational market commentary at the end of every month. The politicians do their best to turn it into a soap opera. Ah well, here we go… When we left you last month the UK had just voted for Brexit. David Cameron had announced his decision to resign and […]

The London bubble: capital pays a third of UK tax

The latest findings of Centre for Cities, a think tank focused upon understanding and improving UK city economies, suggest that London now pays almost a third of all UK taxes. The capital increased its share of “economy taxes” by five percentage points to 30% since the 2004-05 financial year, and now generates nearly as much […]

I have money in property, what should I do post-Brexit?

Many predicted before the EU referendum that a vote to leave would have a negative effect on the property market. Now that Brexit is set to become a reality, that has transferred into worry amongst many with a stake in property, which in turn could make the predicted negativity become a self-fulfilling prophecy. But is […]

The fall and decline of buy-to-let?

‘Short of attacking them with flame-throwers, or impaling them on stakes, it is hard to know what else the Bank and the government can throw at landlords.’      Daily Telegraph,  March 2016 The halcyon days of buy-to-let may well be behind us The British continue their love affair with being buy-to-let landlords.  After all, with […]