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Polls, policies, Brexit and your finances: what to expect in the run up to 8th June

November brought us the election of President Trump. Earlier this month, Emmanuel Macron became President of France. Apparently not wanting to be left out, Theresa May took to the Downing Street lectern reserved for important announcements and called for a UK General Election to be held on Thursday June 8th. Citing political divisions in Westminster […]

Is buy-to-let no longer such a good deal?

It wasn’t all that long ago that investment in buy-to-let property was seen as a straightforward way to generate an income for yourself. However, recent changes made by the government mean that turning a profit through buy-to-let in today’s property market is set to become much more difficult. Each case is individual, and the profitability […]

May Market Commentary

Introduction It’s difficult to know where to begin this month. In France? Where we now know the French Presidential election will be a straight fight between Emmanuel Macron and Marine le Pen. In the UK? Where, having declared several times that she saw no need for a General Election, Theresa May summoned everyone to the […]

Travel insurance: what to look for in a good policy

It’s that time of year when you may be starting to think about booking a holiday. Travelling without insurance can be a gamble, particularly if you are going overseas, leading to many jet-setters now seeing it as an essential purchase before they leave. However, the variety of travel insurance policies out there can seem overwhelming, […]

Should we be paid to exercise at work?

Following the findings of the British Heart Foundation that over 20 million UK people are classed as physically inactive, the discussion of just how to tackle this growing problem has emerged once again. One suggestion is that it’s now time for employers to make physical exercise part of the paid working day. Many tech companies, […]