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Four ways to identify a pension scam (and what to do about it)

11 million pensioners are targeted by pension-related fraudsters every year (Source: Parliament.uk) Since the beginning of 2018 alone, 14% of non-retired over 50s have received potential scam communication, according to Retirement Advantage. Despite the announcement that the Government is working toward a complete ban on pension cold calling, there is little relief for those who […]

Does age affect charity? Five ways to make your donations go further

Do you think the way that you give to charity has changed throughout your life? Do you see it changing as you get older? Research from Barclays has shown that those under the age of 35 gave an average of £246 to charity last year, with 35-54-year-olds donating a similar amount (£265). Interestingly, over-55s give […]

Retiring on time: Five tips for giving up work on your own terms

Do you have a dream retirement age in mind? Most people do. Unfortunately, many people believe that, no matter how hard they wish to retire on time, they will be beholden to their employer long past the age they’d like to be putting their feet up. The situation According to research from Scottish Widows, more […]

The next generation: How much help should you give to children at uni?

Could you let your child struggle financially and fend for themselves, or is it your responsibility to make sure they are totally comfortable when they eventually enter the adult world? Potentially, you might think that neither of these is the right choice for you, and that a fairer, middle ground exists. But, whatever your attitude […]

Balancing investment risk in the years leading up to retirement

After working hard for many years and diligently saving, it is not surprising that many people begin to reign in the control they have over their capital as retirement age approaches. For instance, research from Retirement Advantage shows that, among those due to retire within 10-15 years: Around two fifths (39%) do not want their […]