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How to minimise Inheritance Tax paid on your home

Inheritance Tax has hit a record high and with property prices soaring, now is the time to think about how to minimise the bill your loved ones will be left with. Talking about what will happen to your wealth when you die isn’t a topic anyone wants to discuss. But it’s an important area to […]

The top retirement destinations for Brits

Brits who are heading abroad for their retirement have revealed the hotspots that are tempting them; of course, there’s more to think about than just the destination of your new home. For some approaching retirement, leaving the UK behind for different climes is a dream. Whether it’s the weather, culture or the desire for a […]

How long will your pension last?

Research has found 63% of workers approaching retirement are already planning on working longer than planned. So, do you know how long your pension would last if your retired today? Financial pressures mean that people are working for longer and often beyond the time they expected. With life expectancy rising, it’s important to assess how […]

Could you help your children have a £1 million pension?

Using your gifting allowance effectively could mean you’re able to leave your children or grandchildren a significant, tax-free gift behind in the form of a £1 million pension. Discover the steps you can take to reach this goal. With auto-enrolment now in full force, the topic of saving for retirement has never been more relevant […]

Stay organised to save money

It’s easy to misplace important documents and the costs could mount up to a staggering £800. Keeping paperwork organised and in order is a step we should all be taking. Misplacing paperwork is an easy mistake to make. But did you know that a lack of organisation when it comes to your household documents could […]