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Autumn Budget 2018: Were you a winner or a loser?

Will you be better or worse off because of today’s Budget? In a relatively quiet Budget our summary answers that question, please read on to find out. Winners Earners The Chancellor brought forward an election pledge to increase both the Personal Allowance and Higher Rate tax band, affecting 32 million people. From April 2019, the […]

Autumn Budget 2018: Everything you need to know

Just after 3.30 pm today the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, stood up to deliver the first Budget on a Monday since 1962 and the last before Brexit. He started by saying this would be a Budget for “hard-working families … who live their lives far from this place … and care little for the twists and […]

Brexit and your portfolio

Whichever way one voted, it is hard not to be dismayed by the shambles that is Brexit, concocted by all sides. In the event that any deal agreed gets voted down in Parliament, or there is no deal, there is a material chance that the government could fall. One or both of these events would […]

Safety net crucial for protecting your home during financial shock

Many Brits are lacking a financial safety net to protect them from income shocks. It means they could be putting their home, possessions and lifestyle on the line, research suggests. Family finances are stretched, and many are choosing not to put money away for a rainy day. However, with worries about what would happen if […]

Have you considered the cost of care in retirement?

In the next 20 years, the number of elderly people needing constant care is expected to double. You’ve probably thought about how long your pension needs to last and whether you’re saving enough. But have you factored in the cost of care? By 2035, it’s expected there will be 446,000 adults aged over 85 that […]

Making sure your pension lasts a lifetime as withdrawals increase

More pensioners are choosing to forgo a guaranteed income that comes from an annuity, instead favouring making withdrawals directly from their pension using flexi-access drawdown. While providing more flexibility, the latest data suggests those using drawdown may face financial hardship later in life. Ensuring that your savings will support you throughout your later years is […]