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Seven reasons to regularly review your finances

  Once you’ve made a financial plan, that’s not the end of the process. Regularly reviewing it in the context of your current situation is a must. When you think back to what your priorities or aspirations were just five years ago, they’ve probably changed. Likewise, your financial situation may be different too. Not coming […]

More people are choosing equity release; but is it a good idea?

Homeowners and retirees looking to boost their incomes are increasingly using equity release products. Giving homeowners a way to access the wealth tied up in their property, equity release can be an attractive option. It can give you a lump sum or pay over several smaller amounts. There are two main equity release options: 1. […]

Has the media influenced your financial decisions?

Media plays a huge role in the decisions we make on a daily basis. From digital news sites to social media, you can hardly escape its influence. But is ‘financial porn’ affecting your decisions and financial security? Sensationalist news has become commonplace; it’s evident with just a glance of the headlines in the morning’s newspapers. […]

Why financial planning is crucial as you approach retirement

As you approach retirement, you’ve probably been dreaming about what you’ll do with the extra free time. Perhaps you plan to see the world, spend more time with grandchildren or indulge in some hobbies. But what would you do if your retirement income was less than expected? It’s a challenge many could soon be experiencing. […]

Your guide to writing a will

November marks Will Aid Month. We want to take the opportunity to remind you just how important a will is and explain why it should be considered a crucial part of your financial planning. You no doubt have an idea of what you’d like to happen to your wealth and assets once you pass away. […]